League Of Evil Exes


Inspired by fighting games and cooperative dice games like King of Tokyo, Elder Sign, and Tokaido, League of Evil Exes is a game about being the most powerful ex when Scott Pilgrim is defeated. With the cards representing the different quests and the board representing different stages, players must use their wits and skill to roll well and be able to complete as many quests as possible to amass power and defeat Scott.

The Scott Pilgrim narrative focuses on fighting, love, and competition, so we wanted to create a game that would have players assume the roles of the different exes. This sense of indirect competition was very important to us. The game will push players to make meaningful decisions, whether it be in regards to how many dice to use, which quest to complete, or when to fight Scott. All these decisions will not only affect the player who is making them, but also all the other players, and the fate of the game.

League of Evil Exes combines the randomness of the deck of cards with the ability to deduce player actions, forcing players to think ahead and make meaningful decisions. They need to  focus on the overall game, as well the state of each player within the game, creating a sense of conflict of interest, while remaining true to the narrative’s sense of intensity and light heartedness.

Created by Aleksei Waddington, Katelyn Thomas, Angel Lin, and Dustin Young

Intro to Game Design

Spring 2015

You can find the rules of the game here.